Mutton Yakhni Recipe

1. Sliced fresh lean lamb shoulders (2lbs)
2. water (2c)
3. cloves (6)
4. ground fennel seeds (2tsp)
5. ginger powder (1tsp)
6. ground cumin seeds (1tsp)
7. bay leaves (3)
8. thick yogurt (1c)
9. crushed cardamom pods (4)
10. sour cream (2tbsp)
11. ghee (1tbsp)
12. minced onion (1med.)
13. finely chopped fresh ginger (1tbsp)
14. saffron (a pinch)
15. salt (to taste)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a saucepan, boil lamb, cloves, cumin, ginger powder, fennel seeds, bay leaves in water on high heat. Reduce the heat to medium, cover the pan and then cook the lamb until it gets tender.

2. There should be about half cup of water left when the lamb gets cooked. If the water dries up while cooking then add more water. Stir it once or twice so that the lamb does not stick to the pan and burns. Now add yogurt and sour cream to the lamb and then stir it well.

3. Raise the heat to medium high and again boil it and add cardamom and salt in it. Take off the pan from heat and keep it aside.

4. Take another pan, heat ghee in it. Fry onions and ginger until get brown and add to the lamb. Add saffron to the lamb, stir it and cover it and again cook it for about 10 minutes. Yakhni gives good flavor if it kept overnight and then served.

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We made the yakhni right now. It came out really nice. Thanks for yr receipe! God bless you and the goat!

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