Garlic Pickle Recipe

1. Garlic (1kg)
2. mustard (10gms)
3. turmeric powder (10gms)
4. powdered jaggery (100gms)
5. salt (100gms)
6. chilli powder (100gms)
7. asafoetida (10gms)
8. jeera (10gms)
9. fenugreek (10gms)
10. coriander seeds (30 gms)
11. lime fruits (30)
12. gingelly oil, sesame or til oil (500ml)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take a pan, fry fenugreek, coriander seeds, jeera and asafoetida in the pan without adding oil in it. Fry them until turn brown in color. Then grind them in a mixie to make the masala powder.

2. Take lime fruits, cut them and extract the juice, filter it and then keep it. Add a pinch of salt in the juice so that it may not get bitter.

3. Take a pan, heat the gingelly oil in it and then add the mustard seeds. After the seeds splutter hen add the peeled garlic. When it gets one-fourth cooked then add lime juice.

4. When the garlic gets half cooked then add the masala powder, chilli powder and salt and turmeric powder. When it gets three-fourth cooked then add the powdered jaggery and cook it for 5 to 10 minutes. Keep it to cool and then store in the bottles.

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