Chutney Pulao Recipe

1. Basmati rice (1 1/2c)
2. fresh coriander leaves (1/2bunch)
3. green chilies (5-6)
4. garlic (10-15cloves)
5. pomegranate seeds or anardana (1tbsp)
6. ghee (2tbsp)
7. cinnamon (1”stick)
8. cloves (3-4)
9. lemon juice (2tbsp)
10. vegetable stock (3 1/2c)
11. black cardamom (1)
12. bay leaf (1)
13. fennel seeds (1tbsp)
14. peeled and chopped raw mango (1small)
15. ginger (1 inch piece)
16. fresh mint leaves (1/2bunch)
17. parboiled baby potatoes (10-15)
18. salt (to taste)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take rice, wash them and soak them for about 20 minutes in a bowl and then drain the water from the rice. Make a fine paste of coriander leaves, green chilies, mint leaves, salt, chopped raw mango, ginger, garlic, fennel seeds and pomegranate seeds by grinding them in a grinder to make a chutney.

2. Peel the baby potatoes and marinate them with 1 tablespoon of green chutney and then keep it aside.

3. Take a pan, heat ghee in it. Add bay leaves, black cardamom, cinnamon stick, cloves and fry them for few seconds. Now add the baby potatoes, mix them and cook them for 5 minutes.

4. Add the rice and saute them for 5 to 7 minutes. Add the remaining green chutney, salt and the vegetable stock and then mix them well. Cover the pan, cook them for about 10 minutes or until the rice is cooked. Now sprinkle the lemon juice and then serve them.

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